Portable OTAP Installation

LICENSE AGREEMENT: Use of the OTAP software is subject to license restrictions. Carefully read the OTAP Software License Agreement before downloading this software. By downloading the OTAP software, you indicate that you have read and agree to the OTAP Software License Agreement.
A portable OTAP installation allows you to run OTAP from your USB flash drive using any modern computer (USB port, 100 MB drive space required). Follow instructions below to put OTAP on your USB flash drive:
  1. Download OTAP for your computer (Windows or Macintosh):
  2. Open the downloaded OTAP installation ZIP file.
  3. Copy/paste the enclosed OTAP directory to your USB Flash Drive.  Note. Do not try to open OTAP software while it remains in a ZIP file.  You must move (or copy/paste) the enclosed OTAP folder to a new location such as your USB flash drive.
  4. Open the OTAP folder on your USB flash drive.
  5. Open the otap application file.
  6. Register your OTAP license key and create an OTAP login. See the OTAP Tutorial for instructions.
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