Linux Installation Instructions

  1. Ensure that Java 7 or greater is installed on your computer:
    java -version

    If Java is not installed, download and install Java.

  2. Create an empty directory where you would like OTAP to be installed.
  3. Download the otap.jar file.
  4. Place otap.jar in the recently-created OTAP directory.
  5. Make otap.jar executable.  This can be done in two ways:
    • From the desktop interface: Right-click on otap.jar, select Permissions, and check Allow executing file as program.
    • From the command line:
      cd /path/to/otap/directory
      chmod +x otap.jar
  6. Launch OTAP by double clicking on otap.jar. Follow the prompts to install the necessary support files.
  7. OTAP can also be launched from the command line:
    java -jar /path/to/otap/directory/otap.jar