Occupational Therapy Assessment Package (OTAP) Reporting Software

Our assessments require computer-scoring because of the complexity of using many-faceted Rasch analyses which are used to generate assessment results. The Occupational Therapy Assessment Package (OTAP) is our proprietary software designed to generate the reports you need for occupation-centered practice.

  • Runs on any computer — The OTAP Software runs easily on any Windows, Mac, or Linux computer
  • Powers reports for CIOTS assessments — Reporting for all of our assessments is packaged with OTAP for simplified access and data management
  • Free updates for the duration of your license — You receive an automatic notification when an update is available for download
  • Robust data security — The OTAP Software is designed to help you meet the requirements of client confidentiality laws around the world (see OTAP and Management of Personal Information )
  • Modern user interface — The software is easy to navigate and use
  • Professional, client-friendly reports — Easily generate reports to assist with analyzing assessment results, planning interventions, and measuring the effectiveness of your interventions (see Sample Reports)

receive an OTAP license when you:

  • Complete training and certification in the AMPS, School AMPS, ACQ-OP, or ACQ-SI
  • Upgrade your expired AMPS, School AMPS, or ESI computer-scoring software

OTAP License Policy

An OTAP license is non-transferable and cannot be used by any other rater. Your license is linked to your OTAP login name, your personal severity as rater, and your records at the Center for Innovative OT Solutions. Allowing others to use your license or OTAP login is a violation of national and international client confidentiality laws. Review the OTAP license agreement for licensing details. 

You are eligible for free OTAP updates as long as your license has not expired. Once your license expires, you will no longer be able to enter data or generate reports. Renew your license before the expiration date to continue using your OTAP software. View your OTAP license expiration date by logging in to OTAP, clicking Help > License. You also may receive automatic notifications through OTAP when your license is nearing expiration. Unlimited access to OTAP updates enables you to stay current with the assessment.  If you let a license expire, you may be required to pay additional fees, revalidate, or recalibrate (take a new course) to receive a license for the current software.

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