Occupational Therapy Assessment Package (OTAP) Reporting Software

Our assessments require computer-scoring because of the complexity of using many-faceted Rasch analyses that are used to generate summary measures of assessment results. The Occupational Therapy Assessment Package (OTAP) is our proprietary software designed to generate the reports you need for occupation-centered practice.

OTAP License Policy

An OTAP license is non-transferable and cannot be used by any other rater. Your license is linked to your OTAP login name, your personal severity as rater, and your records at the Center for Innovative OT Solutions. Allowing others to use your license or OTAP login is a violation of national and international client confidentiality laws. Review the OTAP license agreement for licensing details.

Limitations and Exclusions

The information in the reports generated by the OTAP software is limited as it is based solely on the data provided by the user. CIOTS makes no claim as to the validity of the information provided in the reports by occupational therapists, and therefore assumes no responsibility for the information in any report created by an occupational therapist using the OTAP software. The OTAP software displays the data entered by the occupational therapist without change or analysis. Any information contained in the OTAP software or any resulting report, is provided on an “as is” basis only, and it is not intended, or to be construed as, medical, health advice, diagnosis, or treatment advice. The CIOTS products are not a replacement for medical and therapeutic diagnosis, treatment, or advice from a qualified and licensed occupational therapist.

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