To become certified in the School AMPS:


The School AMPS course can be completed by attending a 5-day course. This course consists of 45 contact hours.
  1. Administer, score, and interpret the School AMPS in a valid and reliable manner
  2. Use the School AMPS to promote occupation-centered and client-centered practice
  3. Integrate the School AMPS into your occupational therapy practice
  4. Use School AMPS results to plan occupational therapy interventions
  5. Use School AMPS measures as evidence proving the effectiveness of interventions

The Rater Calibration Process

Once you have completed a School AMPS course, the next step is to complete the rater calibration process. The rater calibration process ensures that your School AMPS results are valid and reliable. This unique process is included at no extra cost in all School AMPS certification courses.
During the rater calibration process, you will:
  1. Administer the School AMPS to 10 students
  2. Submit your data to CIOTS for analysis
  3. Receive detailed feedback based on your submitted data
Once your scoring is shown to be valid, you will receive an individualized code that unlocks powerful reports and your students’ School AMPS measures based on your unique scoring severity.

Do you have questions about becoming a certified School AMPS rater? Email us at

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