Occupational Therapy Intervention Process Model (OTIPM)

Discover Powerful Occupational Therapy Practiced with Passion and Precision

The OTIPM is ideal for occupational therapy practitioners, educators, and researchers who want to gain an understanding of how to implement the best possible occupation-based and occupation-focused services.

The OTIPM rescued me from an “OT-depression”! Half of my clients did not need OT, they needed physiotherapy. After I learned the OTIPM, I made sure the OT referrals were appropriate and took more time for the “interviewing–observing–goal-setting–process,” and I focused more on education and compensation. . .I gained more OT self-esteem and joy in my work. We changed our documentation system. And we “threw out” the old tests, and now we focus on “performance of prioritized activities.” Even one of the most “body-function-working OT colleagues” are enthusiastically reporting that they are reaching goals more easily and faster!

Katharina, Occupational Therapist

Is the OTIPM right for me?

Are you ready to be inspired to make changes to your current occupational therapy practice? Do you want to practice like a real occupational therapist?

Do you want:

  1. To embrace being an occupational therapist and harness the power of occupation?
  2. To communicate more convincingly about why what you do as an occupational therapist is important?
  3. Your practice to be distinguishable from other healthcare professionals?
  4. To implement occupation-focused practice and documentation that reflects authentic occupational therapy?
  5. To implement evidence-based, cutting-edge evaluations and interventions that result in measurable outcomes?

There is a solution!  Powerful Practice:  A Model for Authentic Occupational Therapy provides practical guidance for using the OTIPM in everyday occupational therapy practice and so much more.  Be bold!  Transform your practice.  Preorder your copy of Powerful Practice now. 

HOST AN OTIPM Training Course

Have an OTIPM expert train your group on the practical application of the OTIPM in occupational therapy.

The emphasis of this three-day course is on the practical application of the OTIPM as a professional reasoning model that helps the occupational therapist practice in a more client-centered, top-down, occupation-based, and occupation-focused manner. The OTIPM faculty will guide course participants step-by-step through the phases of the occupational therapy process. Lectures, video case examples, and extensive opportunities to practice enable the course participants to reflect on and learn strategies they can apply to improve their practice, educational activities, and research.

The occupational therapists who take this course find that they leave inspired to make their practice more centered on occupation.

To learn more about the OTIPM course, download the OTIPM course handouts.

See an example of the OTIPM.

History of OTIPM

The OTIPM has been an internationally recognized occupational therapy model for more than two decades. The OTIPM continues to be revised and refined to reflect and empower today’s occupational therapists. The OTIPM was first introduced by Professor Anne G. Fisher during her 1998 Eleanor Clarke Slagle Lectureship.

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