School AMPS 2nd Edition

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School version of the Assessment of Motor and Process Skills – 2nd Edition (2007)
Published by Three Star Press, Inc.

An occupation-centered evaluation of a student’s quality of schoolwork task performance in typical classroom settings.

Purpose: To evaluate a student’s quality of schoolwork task performance (e.g., cutting, pasting, writing, drawing, computing)

The School AMPS is used to:

  • Test a student in his or her usual classroom setting as he or she is performing schoolwork tasks that have been assigned by the teacher, and have been prioritized by the teacher or client (23 standardized schoolwork tasks can be observed)
  • Measure the degree to which a student?s schoolwork task performances are free of increased physical effort, decreased efficiency, safety risk, and/or need for assistance
  • Score the quality of 16 school motor and 20 school process performance skills
  • Facilitate occupation-focused documentation and occupation-based intervention planning
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