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POWERFUL PRACTICE:  A Model for Authentic Occupational Therapy (2019)

I read this text voraciously and found every chapter to challenge the way I view occupation and the occupational therapy process. . . . The authors skillfully make challenging concepts easy to grasp. Powerful Practice: A Model for Authentic Occupational Therapy is a shot of occupational therapy adrenaline. . . , [a] gift to our profession.

Glen Gillen, EdD, OTR, FAOTA

Find supplemental resources here:  www.powerfulpractice.com.

Powerful Practice offers clinicians, educators, and students a practical and accessible guide for providing occupational therapy services across practice settings. Based on decades of experience in practice, education, and research, the authors provide a critical and provocative perspective on modern-day occupational therapy. They challenge readers to embrace their unique expertise as occupational therapists and present a call to action for implementing evaluations and interventions that are more precise, evidence-based, and legitimate for use in occupational therapy

Features that set this book apart:

► A new conceptual model, informed by occupational science, that provides a novel approach to understanding the complexity of occupation

► The latest developments of the Occupational Therapy Intervention Process Model (OTIPM), a reasoning model that ensures occupational therapists maintain their focus on occupation

► Targeted strategies for critically analyzing evaluation and intervention methods used in occupational therapy

► Evaluation methods that extend beyond independence and prioritize evaluating quality of occupational performance in a more nuanced, evidence-based manner

► Detailed instructions and resources for implementing observation-based performance analyses with clients of all ages and diagnoses

Clear procedures for documenting observable and measurable client-centered evaluation results, goals, progress, and outcomes

Efficient methods for accumulating practice-based evidence to demonstrate the power of occupation

Solutions for overcoming constraints of clinical practice in order to provide high quality, authentic occupational therapy services

Fisher, A. G., & Marterella, A. (2019). Powerful practice: A model for authentic occupational therapy. Fort Collins, CO: Center for Innovative OT Solutions.

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