AMPS Revalidation

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AMPS Revalidation Training Course

This option is for occupational therapists who have previously taken a training course and calibrated. It is a self-study option, with no formal training course. Therapists will receive the current version of the OTAP software via an email download link, and the current manuals set via postal mail. They will be given 3 months from their payment date to study the manuals and test 10 clients, doing 2 tasks each, input their scores into the OTAP software, and submit their scores to the Center for Innovative OT Solutions (CIOTS) for data analysis and feedback.

If the therapist is found to be scoring the AMPS reliably, he or she will be given a new license for the OTAP software with their rater severity embedded, so that the program will produce valid reports for their clients evaluations.

If the therapist is not found to be a reliable rater, he or she will receive valuable feedback to guide them for the next round of 10 clients evaluations, doing 2 tasks each. Three more months will be given to complete this new set of evaluations. Those scores will be input into the OTAP software and submitted to CIOTS for data analysis. If the therapist is then found to be a reliable rater, they will receive their new license for the OTAP software. If the therapist is found not to be reliable this second time around, they will be asked to take a new training course if they wish to calibrate and use the AMPS for clinical or research purposes. They will not be allowed to take the Revalidation self-study again.

Course Requirements

  • Must be a previously calibrated AMPS rater

We recommend that you wait until you receive your AMPS manuals before starting the course. Shipping fees are included in the course enrollment fee. This course is recommended for AMPS raters with a solid foundation of the tool.

PLEASE READ THIS CANCELLATION POLICY BEFORE COMPLETING YOUR PURCHASE: Due to the instant access and digital nature of this course, all purchases for the AMPS Revalidation Online Course are non-refundable and non-transferable.

If you are purchasing multiple quantities of this product, please ensure you have the unique name and email addresses for each course participant.

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Manual Shipping Information
The most current AMPS manuals will be shipped to you at the time of your order.

  • Please allow 5–7 business days to receive your manuals if you are located within the United States.
  • Please allow 10–14 business days to receive your manuals if you are located outside of the United States.
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