ACQ-SI Online

USD $249.00

Assessment of Compared Qualities — Social Interaction (ACQ-SI)
Includes an ACQ-SI OTAP software license

The ACQ-SI is an occupation-focused partner tool to the ESI. Use the ACQ-SI to evaluate the extent of discrepancy between a person’s self-reported problems with daily life task performance and the problems observed when you test the person using the ESI.

Course Requirements

  • Must have a current calibrated ESI OTAP license: Get a current ESI OTAP license by renewing your expired OTAP license or taking an ESI training course.
  • Conduct a self study of the ACQ manual and complete the six online lessons to learn how to administer, score, and interpret the results of the ACQ-SI.

PLEASE READ THIS CANCELLATION POLICY BEFORE COMPLETING YOUR PURCHASE: Due to the instant access and digital nature of this course, all purchases for the ACQ-SI Online Course are non-refundable and non-transferable.

If you are purchasing multiple quantities of this product, please ensure you have the unique name and email addresses for each course participant.

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