Online AMPS Course Overview


  • Convenience: Start the course at any time and proceed at your own pace.  Pause or re-watch lessons at your convenience.
  • Less time away from work: Login and learn at any time you are free. No need to worry about coverage at work.
  • Save money on travel: Complete the online portion of the course from anywhere you have internet access.
  • Save money on course fees: When a group of five or more occupational therapists or occupational therapy students enroll in the online course, each therapist saves $100.00.
  • Online support: An AMPS course faculty member is available for any questions via the messaging system within the online course. Faculty respond within one business day.


The online lessons are designed to be interactive and easy to watch while allowing for the way professionals learn – by application. Below are some peaks into our online lessons.

Introduction to the AMPS

We start the course by giving you some preliminary information about the AMPS.

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AMPS Item Lessons

Here is a video explaining how we teach you to score the AMPS. These lessons are packed with typical observations that AMPS raters will see in practice.

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