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Learn to administer one of our innovative, occupation-based assessments. In addition to teaching you how to administer the tool reliably, our courses will provide you with the practical skills needed to use the assessment results to plan intervention, set goals, document, and plan for re-evaluation — all while remaining occupation-centered. Join one of our courses that have already inspired thousands of occupational therapists to remain true to their professional identity as an occupational therapist.

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I want to share a story with you about how I used the new AMPS report to appeal an insurance company’s decision re: discharging a client of mine too early. The patient was admitted to inpatient rehabilitation 2° to a history of multiple falls in her home. The insurance company felt that since the patient was performing her basic self-care activities with supervision (as assessed using [a different test]), she no longer needed therapy. The new feature in the narrative report helped me to capture the safety issues. I was able to document the instability that she experienced, during the tasks, in the ‘specific skills that most impacted performance’ section. After faxing the assessment to her case manager, they agreed to extend the patient for another week. They also requested an AMPS re-evaluation upon discharge if we recommend homecare services.