About the Center for Innovative OT Solutions

Be a true occupational therapist who practices with power and precision. At the Center for Innovative OT Solutions, that’s what we empower you to do by giving you evidence-based resources to help you implement occupation-centered services.


Improved occupation was supposed to come with treatment of a client’s underlying physical issues. That’s what occupational therapist Dr. Anne Fisher was taught. But early on, she recognized that treating underlying issues often did not help her clients improve their occupation. She realized that clients improve much faster when occupation is the intervention. She soon believed occupational therapists (OTs) should be evaluating the quality of how the person accomplished a chosen task instead of evaluating underlying body functions or simply whether a person could accomplish the task independently. Could she really create an assessment that measures the quality of occupation? What impact might such an assessment have on practice?

As a result, she focused her research on occupation and measuring quality of occupational performance. Today the organization she founded, CIOTS, develops resources to enable occupational therapists to focus on occupation, helping them become better OTs who more effectively help their clients attain their occupation-focused goals.

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