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The Assessment of Compared Qualities — Occupational Performance (ACQ-OP) is an occupation-focused partner tool to the AMPS used to evaluate the extent of discrepancy between a person’s reported quality of ADL task performance and that observed by the occupational therapist.

The ACQ-OP is used to measure the extent of the discrepancy between:

The occupational therapist administers the ACQ-OP by conducting a 5–10 minute semi-structured interview after each task observation to gather the client’s perspective on the task performance. The occupational therapist then systematically compares the client’s perspective to the AMPS ratings. The occupational therapist uses the Occupational Therapy Assessment Package (OTAP) scoring software to generate an ACQ-OP Results Report which includes an ACQ-OP measure.

The ACQ-OP measure represents the extent of the discrepancy between the client’s perspective on his/her performance and the occupational therapist’s perspective, as rated using the AMPS. The occupational therapist can use an ACQ-OP measure to plan intervention that accounts for the client’s perspective, to support the occupational therapist’s clinical reasoning on the client’s potential to improve his/her ADL task performance, and to advocate for needed supports for the client.

Benefits of Administering the ACQ-OP

Using this innovative assessment tool will expand your practice by helping you deliver more client-centered services.