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Center for Innovative OT Solutions

We offer training courses for three assessment tools: AMPS, School AMPS, and ESI. Occupational therapists receive continuing education hours for taking one of our training courses. The length of the course and the number of continuing education hours received depends on the assessment tool:

Course length Education hours
AMPS 5 days 45 hours
School AMPS 5 days 45 hours
ESI 3 days 26 hours

Participation in all days of the course is required

Course Objectives

Upon successful completion of the AMPS, School AMPS, or ESI course, the occupational therapist will be able to:

Rater Calibration

Valid and reliable administration, scoring, and interpretation of the AMPS, School AMPS, and ESI requires rater training and calibration. Raters view and score video cases during the course, evaluate 10 additional people after the course, and submit their data for analysis to the Center for Innovative OT Solutions within 3 months.

We then analyze each rater’s data and determine his or her personal severity and whether the rater is scoring the assessment in a valid and reliable manner. If the analysis reveals that the rater does not demonstrate valid and reliable scoring, he or she will be asked to test an additional 10 people or, in the rare case of extreme (and invalid) rater severity, to take the course again.