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Learn to administer one of our innovative, occupation-based assessments. In addition to teaching you how to administer the tool reliably, our courses will provide you with the practical skills needed to use the assessment results to plan intervention, set goals, document, and plan for re-evaluation — all while remaining occupation-centered. Join one of our courses that have already inspired thousands of occupational therapists to remain true to their professional identity as an occupational therapist.

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One child I evaluated had been seen previously by OT but the teacher felt that he did not gain anything from the assessment that would help the child. He identified with the School AMPS as he could be a part of the intervention process. Overall it has really been very rewarding to use. As we appeared to share a similar philosophy of OT, the assessment is a wonderful tool to address occupation, that is as I see it, measuring the individual’s participation in an activity rather than at the level of the impairment. I continue to use it as a framework in the return to work process for individuals with brain injury as well.