Map of the AmericasWhat does it take to host an ESI course within North America?

Hosting a course in your area is fairly simple!  Here’s what you’d need to do:



  • Choose a 3 consecutive day time period.  You’ll want to pick dates that are about 4-9 + months out, to allow enough time for participants to see the course offering, make plans and get funding.
  • Reserve a suitable room, keeping in mind the number of people you hope will attend.  The room will need tables, chairs, LCD projection equipment, internet access and a good speaker system.  Class times will be about 8 am – 5:00 pm.
  • We need your local experience to get the word out about the course!  Contact schools, hospitals, OT practices, list serves, anyone you think would benefit from the course.  We’ve got some template flyers you’re welcome to use. Innovative OT Solutions posts the course on our website for advertising and registration.
  • Plan to offer snacks and drinks at each break time.  We’ve got 2 breaks per day.  Typical breaks include coffee, tea, water, some healthy snacks like, cheese, fruit, or bagels.  This does not have to be fancy or expensive, just some quick energy to keep the group going. The participants are on their own for lunch.
  • The faculty will need some demonstration materials, some of which are difficult to travel with (i.e. glue, scissors, white erase board).  We ask for some help gathering the needed items.  We’ll give you a list and the teaching faculty will contact you about specifics.  Most items do not need to be purchased.  They can be brought in from home, the clinic or school.
  • ESI course participants will learn by planning, observing, and scoring, 2-3 persons engage in social interaction on Day 3.  We will need your help to find 2-3 people for this live observation and to purchase a small thank you gift or cash for them  (about $20).
  • Finally, we ask that you provide each course participant with a nametag and a yellow highlighter.

How much does it cost to host a course?

Cost will vary, depending upon your resources.  Here are the items a host provides:

  • Room, needed LCD/AV equipment, internet connection
  • Advertising
  • Nametag and highlighter for each participant
  • Light snack and drinks for 2 break times per day X 3 days
  • Small gift or cash (about $20) for live social interaction guests
  • Demonstration items, most brought from home, work, or school
  • Any other local fees, licenses, taxes needed

As the host, you get one free seat ($795 USD value), just for hosting!  Once you have 20 paid participants, you then get 1 free seat for every ten paid participants.

What does the Center for Innovative OT Solutions provide?

Along with a high quality course, worth 26 contact hours, CIOTS provides:

  • 1-2 qualified faculty, as needed per the number of participants
  • Travel, hotel, meals and expenses for all faculty
  • Course registration services and administration
  • ESI manuals for each participant will be shipped to your course site
  • ESI software and licenses will be assigned to each participant
  • Data analysis and feedback for each person after the course
  • ESI software support for the duration of the license

Contact us for further details!
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